Communication Partners International operates with the view that social change can only take place if there is ownership of the health and social problems facing communities. This requires active participation by the Government, donors, communities and key individuals in a collective and serious search for practical and realistic solutions.

The scale of pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Avian Influenza and other health problems in the developing world is such that significant health gains will not be achieved unless there is a high level of commitment and collaboration toward social change.

The role of strategic, large-scale, integrated, communication campaigns linked to the delivery of health products and services, supported by community advocacy and social mobilisation is critical to the success of this process.
Communication programs supported by CPI are designed to quickly set agendas for health and social issues through the utilization of high-quality, culturally appropriate, creative communication approaches complemented by strong program branding to ensure message cut-through, recall and a decisive call to action. CPIs media planning and resource logistics expertise will ensure effective delivery of communication resources when and where they are needed.

CPIs communication activities are designed to operate synergistically to facilitate community mobilisation and ensure message delivery at national, state, district, community and individual levels in order to support the social change process.

A critical feature of CPIs social marketing campaign communication design is the attention given to addressing the social, cultural, political and spiritual determinants and other mitigating factors affecting behaviour change.

This is achieved through extensive stakeholder consultations at both the planning and development stages of the communication program and communication concept pre-testing conducted with program beneficiaries in all regions of the program country.
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