Below is a list of our publications. Please click on the thumbnail to view the attached PDF document.

Communicable Diseases

2017 Guadalajara Poster TB BMC ACSM Pak Sept 2013 BMC Pack Online
HIV Papua New Guinea Int Adv Ambient Media 2006 JIDT ART Rapid Assessment 2013
Non Communicable Diseases

2018 WCTOH Bangladesh Social Media 2018 WCTOH Tea Shops Poster Article Nut Food Sciences 2016
Health Ed Beh Predictors 2018 Health Warnings Abstract 2016 India Tobacco Module 2016
Kitchen Gardens Formative
Research Pakistan 2021
Liverpool GHW Conference
Poster 2016
Mass Media

46th Union Conference
Papers 2015
EPT Emergency Medicine 2015 Ethical Evaluation Audience
EJOM 2012
Media Planning Guidelines 2017    
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