Communication Partners International is committed to providing participatory, integrated, health communication solutions which deliver lasting and quantifiable social outcomes and improvements to the quality of lives of people in low-middle-and high income countries.

• CPI will work with Governments, donor agencies, contracting partners and program stakeholders to plan, develop, implement and evaluate social issues communication programs to achieve sustainable behaviour and social change for the betterment of communities and individuals.

• We will provide a challenging, creative, culturally appropriate communication framework to support an enabling environment from which communities and individuals can realise and fulfill their ambitions.

• We will work cooperatively with our partners to implement world's best practice, leading edge communication solutions that synergize with, add value to and enhance existing national, provincial and community communication program efforts.

• We will actively pursue and develop meaningful partnerships to create ownership, involvement and participation in achieving sustainable social change and improvements in the quality of life of program beneficiaries.

Our Values

Communication Partners International will work in partnership with program stakeholders, Governments and donor agencies to build collective knowledge and understanding, mutual respect and accountability, achieving equity, building capacity, creating community and self-efficacy, and ensuring a level of sustainability in all communication program outcomes.

Our greatest asset is the individual and collective potential of the people we work with - our program partners, stakeholders, communities and individuals. We value our staff and communication partners' qualities which include:

• Leadership and involvement
• Integrity and ethical behaviour
• Initiative and accountability
• Creativity and enthusiasm
• Professionalism in behaviour and personal presentation

We will earn the respect of our clients and partners by:

• Working cooperatively with them rather than going it alone
• Understanding intimately the task at hand and working to achieve positive outcomes
• Developing a range of creative, culturally appropriate communication solutions
• Achieving quantifiable program outcomes in line with program communication objectives
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