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Supporting a Multisectoral Measles Communication Strategy for Uganda (2003) – Following a steady decline in routine immunization and a number of outbreaks of measles recorded in districts in Uganda, a national measles immunization campaign was embarked upon. The proposed national measles vaccination program encompassed mass vaccinations of all children aged 6 months to 15 years totalling more than 14 million children in Uganda. A CPI consultant worked with the USAID funded Uganda Program for Holistic Health and Development to support the Ministry of Health and other national and international partners to develop a comprehensive, strategic, measles communication program.

Private sector communication suppliers and market research agencies were contracted and a number of creative communication concepts were pretested with campaign target groups. A creative approach depicting a super-hero called Mr Immunizer was developed following communication testing which showed the character had high youth appeal. A range of communication materials including radio, television and print announcements were developed and disseminated. Community based resources were produced in sixteen languages and included posters and school based materials.
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television announcement
A range of advocacy initiatives were also supported including community based sensitisation and a national launch of the campaign by the President and local leaders. An independent campaign evaluation was commissioned with over 1600 interviews conducted following the intervention in 12 randomly selected districts in Uganda with respondents aged from 9 years to 55 years of age. The post measles campaign knowledge attitudes and practices (KAP) survey results showed:

• Ninety five percent of measles immunization coverage was achieved following the Immunization Week, up from 77% coverage prior to the intervention

• Fourteen point three million children were immunized during the week, exceeding program expectations

• Forty-seven of the 56 Districts encompassed by the program attained coverage of 95% or above

• Supporting Vitamin A program coverage was estimated at 100%

• Supporting de-worming program coverage was estimated at 85%

• Nine Districts failed to meet target coverage due to conflict and insecurity
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