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Establishing a BCC Communication Program Framework to mobilize communities against HIV/AIDS in Kenya (2000-2005) – A CPI consultant partnered Futures Group (Europe) with funding from the British Department for International Development (DFID). The project supported the Kenya National AIDS Control Council to develop a National HIV/AIDS Communication Strategy. The strategy was developed following a Needs Assessment and consultations with more than 400 stakeholders in 7 provinces across Kenya.
Capacity building was conducted with AIDS council communications staff. Advertising, public relations and market research consultants were also contracted. The first national campaign supported by CPI utilized the President of Kenya and focussed on building government commitment and social mobilisation toward HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

A national campaign brand - Together we can defeat AIDS - was articulated in local language following pre-testing of a number of creative concepts. A national Monitoring and Evaluation framework was also developed by the CPI consultant to monitor the performance of the campaign interventions against a number of key performance indicators.

Following the implementation and evaluation of the first national campaign, more recent behaviour change communication efforts supported by CPI in Kenya have focussed on the implementation of a national communication program to support antiretroviral therapy (ART) service delivery. The National ART Communication campaign materials included radio, television, print, posters and brochure dissemination to health centres around the country.
Advocacy efforts included media and provincial stakeholder workshops and a national campaign launch, to widely disseminate information on all aspects of the communication strategy and seek stakeholder ownership and support.
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The strategic planning process institutionalised by CPI was designed to provide a more strategic response to the changing needs of the epidemic in Kenya and build capacity for health communication program planning, development and implementation. Communication campaign results have shown significant shifts in respondent knowledge and positive changes in attitudes toward HIV/AIDS. The campaigns have also shown encouraging levels of respondent recognition and positive predispositions toward the campaign brands and messaging.
CPIs communication efforts in Kenya since 2001 have provided a number of lessons learned, including the importance of strong leadership and the need for active participation and ownership of an integrated communication strategy by all stakeholders involved in the process. It is hoped the capacity building process will filter down to provincial and community settings to create greater levels of community involvement and mobilisation to facilitate a more enabling environment for social change.
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