South Pacific Region – Papua New Guinea

Reducing the Impact of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Papua New Guinea - The National HIV/AIDS Support Project funded by AusAID was designed to build capacity in PNG for HIV/AIDS prevention and care. A core component of the strategy overseen by a CPI consultant for the five years of the program was Information Advocacy and Communication. A comprehensive communication program framework was developed by CPI incorporating 2 Streams of communication activity.

Stream 1 activity involved Awareness Raising of HIV/AIDS and addressing key communication issues such as stigma, gender and equity issues, with Stream 2 activity focusing on public and private sector Condom Social Marketing. Stakeholders from around the country were involved in participatory consultations to establish the parameters for the communication strategy and communication creative approaches including, community communication resource needs, condom branding and packaging design.
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The subsequent strategy developed provided a comprehensive range of communication activity at National and community level with an extensive communication resource and information system (CRIS) developed. Over 30 behavioural indicators were monitored through national surveys conducted annually with over 2000 respondents in all four regions of PNG. An important aspect of the communication campaign approach was the use of role models from sports and the arts popular with youth.

Four national campaigns were managed by a CPI consultant with 5 waves of survey tracking being conducted nationwide. The surveys have shown consistently high levels of communication campaign awareness and a number of positive behavioural indicators including increases in knowledge of HIV transmission and prevention methods and reductions in HIV stigmatizing attitudes.
The launch of the new Karamap branded condoms achieved strong brand recall and established a high share (57%) of the branded condom market in a relatively short time period. The condom promotional program which focussed on high-risk settings such as bars and clubs, aimed to change the current poor perceptions of condoms and build condom efficacy with a number of high-risk groups.

CPI also supported the development of packaging and distribution units for the public sector, generic condom distribution program in all provinces of PNG. The communication campaign and condom social marketing program results have shown the importance of developing a strategic integrated communication program incorporating public/private sector condom distribution as well as enrolling civil society into actively supporting the program.
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